Detective Pikachu Returns

Growlithe, Darmanitan join the investigations in Detective Pikachu Returns trailer

We'll be getting some help in figuring out the darkest crimes of the Pokémon universe.

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In the new Detective Pikachu Returns trailer, we were introduced to a load of new characters in the human and Pokémon worlds.

The human who can understand Detective Pikachu is called Tim, who is currently a college student. His family consists of his dad Harry, his mother Irene, and his sister Sophia. There are also plenty of other people to meet outside of Tim's family such as the Mayor and Tim's college schoolmates.

For this case, Detective Pikachu might not be enough on his own to track down every lead, and so we'll have to enlist the help of some other Pokemon. Growlithe can track down smells to lead you on the right path, and Darmanitan gives us a good dose of extra muscle.

Detective Pikachu launches on the 6th of October.


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