Grounded now has more than 10 million shrunken survivors

There's a new update to mark the occasion.

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Grounded was launched as an Early Access/Game Preview title for PC and Xbox back in 2020. It had the simple premise that you and a couple of friends has been shrunken - and have to survive together in your backyard.

This turned out to be really funny, and it has been fleshed out since then in several ways, making the garden bigger and more dangerous (the beautiful koi pond turned out to be a nightmare for shrunken youngsters). As it still hasn't been officially released, there hasn't been a whole lot of marketing surrounding it, but word of mouth and Game Pass has helped spreading the word of how fun it is.

Now Xbox Wire reveals that it has reached a quite impressive milestone of over ten million players. This will be celebrated with an animated free theme for Xbox Series S/X and there's also a new content update being added.

This time we'll get to visit hell (which is really just a BBQ that has been knocked over) with sizzling heat and ashes everywhere. There are also several new enemies to keep an eye out for:

"Along with the termites and soldier termites that are found in the woodpile, there are 8 other creatures coming into the backyard. Be on the lookout for the black ox beetles, dust mites, scarabs, green shield bugs, ladybug larvae, ladybirds, and the recently infected (and community suggested) wolf spiders (complete with their own unique Danger Dumpling color scheme for anyone playing in arachnophobia mode)."

Grounded will leave Early Access/Game Preview later this year, and we assume it will grow even faster at that point. Have you tried to survive in the backyard of the game yet?


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