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Grounded demo out now for both PC and Xbox One

Try the pint-sized adventure before it lands in early access next month.

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If you would like to try out Obsidian's upcoming survival adventure Grounded, today is your lucky day, as a 30-minute-long single-player demo has now been launched for both PC (Steam) and Xbox One. The Steam demo is available for everyone, while the Xbox One demo requires that you are a member of the Xbox Insider Program, and it'll be available until June 22.

Starting July 28, the game will be available for everyone as a part of Xbox Game Preview and it will be included with Xbox Game Pass. It also launches as a Steam Early Access game at the same time, if you still prefer to play your games on Valve's platform.

If you have missed Grounded, it is all about survival, but with a huge (or rather very small) twist - you have been shrunk and the adventure takes place in your own backyard. This makes everything lethal, from bugs to water and that enormous vegetation known as a regular lawn. If you've seen Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, you already have a good idea about what to expect.


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