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Gris is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series next week

All to mark the game's fourth anniversary.

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Developer Nomada Studio is celebrating the fourth anniversary of its title Gris by deciding to release the game once more, this time on current-gen systems (PS5 and Xbox Series). With this upgraded release in mind, the game will feature console performance more in line with what the platforms can offer.

Specifically, Xbox Series S owners can look forward to 2K/120fps gameplay, Xbox Series X will get 4K/60fps or 2K/120fps, and PlayStation 5 players can enjoy 4K/120fps and full DualSense integration including haptics and speaker support.

Gris will officially make its current-gen debut on December 13, and ahead of that date, you can catch the Xbox Series/PS5 trailer below.


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"Nomada Studio should be proud of what it has created; this is an experience that will stay with you long after the controller is put down."

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