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Grid esports is "something we're still investigating"

Codemasters wants to make a solid game before considering esports, according to senior designer Mike Moreton.

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Codemasters' senior designer Mike Moreton joined us for a chat in Madrid recently during a preview event for Grid to talk about not only the mechanics, but also esports in the game, which he says is being looked into.

"Esports is something we're really, really interested with," he told us. "Obviously at Codemasters we've got F1 already, and Dirt Rally, so we really want esports for Grid to come, but it's something we're still investigating at the moment."

"We want to make sure we've got the game right for everyone at launch before we start looking at ranked modes and things like that. So we want to make sure our game, our gameplay, is as solid as it can be with all the audience before we let people online against each other."

For more on this month's racing game check out the interview below. Would you be interested in competing?


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