Grid: Autosport

Grid: Autosport getting an HD texture pack on PC

Codemasters makes improved visuals available.

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Codemasters will release a HD texture pack for the PC version of Grid: Autosport as the game launches this Friday. It's a free download which allows for an increase in visual fidelity for the liveries and car exteriors.

"We wanted to make the pack optional as the 4K textures included will be a small hit on your performance," the developer said. "So, instead of bumping up the minimum specs for everyone we thought we'd leave the decision in your own hands."

Later on Grid: Autosport is expected to recieve both traditional car packs and "mini expansions", which will each include a selection of new locations, while others will include new cars and in some cases even new game modes.

Our review for Codemasters latest (and last) old-gen only racer landed on the site earlier today. You can read our review by heading this way.

Grid: Autosport

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