Greenberg reminisces about "a memorable year" at Gamescom

Microsoft marketing man looks back at the last 12 months fondly.

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At Gamescom Xbox Head of Marketing Aaron Greenberg started the show by reminiscing about "a memorable year" for Xbox, looking into the past and especially at their E3 conference in particular.

At E3 Microsoft discussed their Xbox Play Anywhere programme as well as other things like the Xbox One S and the Scorpio Project, and Greenberg recalled these announcements, assuring fans that Xbox are committed to letting gamers "play without boundaries". This includes the ability to find and play with other games in things like Clubs and Arenas.

Another milestone Greenberg was keen to highlight was the third anniversary of the announcement of [email protected], mentioning that the programme has helped launch 300 titles and that it is currently working with over 1,000 developers in 60 countries to bring more games to both Xbox One and Windows 10.

With Gamescom set to hit full swing tomorrow, we're sure there's bound to be more news coming our way from Xbox.

Greenberg reminisces about "a memorable year" at Gamescom

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