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Greedfall is not really a game about colonialism

Spiders set the record straight as we talk to them about the themes, factions and diplomacy of their upcoming RPG.

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Project manager Marie-Cécile Jacq and gameplay manager Sébastien Di Ruzza talk to us about the next RPG from Spiders - Greedfall.

One of the most distinctive aspects of Greedfall is the choice of the 17th century, or the Baroque era, as an inspiration for its design and setting.

"It was a period with interesting weapons, it was the beginning of fire weapons so we created a lot of factions based on religion, science, alchemy, explosions, and we still have other faction with navigation and stuff like that", says Di Ruzza. "And we're brought to a new land, to discover a new civilisation connected with nature and we have to investigate a disease that ravages the continent we came from. We're a mercant nation and it seems that in this new land that has been discovered by navigators there is a possibility to find a cure."

This motivation, that you're trying to find a cure to a disease, is something that ultimately does something to move the game away from a theme of colonialism. You're not necessarily driven by greed (in spite of the title). When the game was first shown, many thought it would have more of colonialist theme to it.

"People are not just settling on this island to steal gold from people who live there", explains Jacq. "They had to find a solution, because the old continent is dying. So there's all that constant clock ticking for the player, will you be able to find the cure, will you be able to save the old continent."


The conversation also touched more on the island and the factions. One thing Spiders have included in past games is multiple solutions to missions, and this is something that's very much part of the concept for Greedfall as well.

"We kept that, and we even pushed that", says Jacq. "Because all the diplomacy layers, the way you choose to improve your skills and resolve missions will also have an impact on the diplomacy, obviously, because if you just go with lockpicking somewhere just to have some info that won't have the same impact as attacking or exploding a wall. So we're keeping several solutions for each quest."

Greedfall is being targeted for release next year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but there is no official release date or release window currently.


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