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Gravel gets a release date and a new gameplay video

We only have a month to wait.

Developer Milestone has a lot of experience when it comes to racing games, and now we know the release date for their upcoming title Gravel, which will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One all on the same date, February 27, as the studio has announced.

What's more is that there's also another gameplay video to keep us entertained while we wait, this time in a snowy place called Montebianco. Here you can see a full race in the Wild Rush game mode, one of the four different disciplines you must perfect before facing the Off-Road Master, Sean Walker, to become the winner of the game's TV Show.

Will you be getting into the action right away on February 27?

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REVIEW. Written by Kim Orremark

"There are two things above all else in life that we crave. High speeds and dirt. For this reason alone it is easy to enjoy the latest arcade racer from Milestone."

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