Gravastar Mercury M1 Pro Gunmetal

You may have seen their outlandish designs - but it's not all rubbish.

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Gravastar, named after a gravitational vacuum star (we're talking hypothetical astrophysics here), is known for their hugely sci-fi/cyberpunk/alien-inspired designs, particularly including speakers and chargers. But here we're testing their Mercury M1 Pro wireless mouse, which is characterised by an open honeycomb construction, making it appear skeletonised with clear insect references. If you've played Tyranids from Warhammer 40,000 or Zerg from StarCraft, you'll feel right at home.

The mouse comes in several versions and even supports 4000Hz polling rate. However, you have to buy a dongle separately for that or wait for bundle deals to come along. At $100, I have to say that I would have preferred it to be included. Then they have to take a little extra from the basic product. If you buy the special "Battle worn" versions of the M1 Pro mouse, one is included, but it's also more expensive to start with as they use hand labour to create the special patina these mice have.

However, this is the standard magnesium alloy version, but it does come with a free 4K dongle when you drop 99 USD on the table. The magnesium skeleton consists of a large and very open rear, with a visible RGB sphere protruding as an internal organ, while the construction becomes more and more closed at the front. It works well, and the mouse wheel has a unique design that I haven't come across before. And most importantly, it doesn't squeak and squeal like so many other, even very expensive mice.

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Gravastar Mercury M1 Pro Gunmetal

The fit is very good, but the mouse is definitely on the small side, and if you're a larger person, the mouse disappears into the palm of your hand. The RGB part has five different modes, and of course RGB. I didn't manage to install the software to control it, so everything was on default. I'll see if I can get it to respond at some point. Possibly I downloaded from a dead link on the Gravastar website, possibly the antivirus on my computer is getting angry.

There's a modern PWA3395 optical sensor inside: 650 IPS, 26K DPI, and then 4K polling rate wirelessly, if you have the right dongle. Otherwise you have to settle for 1K - Turbospeed. There's also Bluetooth, but you don't buy a hardcore gaming mouse to use it that way. As a radio wave connection, you're looking at around 150 hours. The specs say 146 maximum, and that's probably about right. Charging is via USB-C, which can also function as a wired connection.

Behind it all are Omron's Blue switches and the whole thing weighs 88 grams.
If you're into more hardcore customisation, you can also get different types of stickers with different surfaces to suit your needs. This has been done before by others, and if you like that kind of thing, then it's super smart. A kit is also included in the box, along with cables and extra legs for the mouse.

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I was pleasantly surprised. It's quite precise and once you get used to the fact that it's somewhat narrower than most other mice on the market, it fits well in the hand. The clicking sounds are quite satisfying and overall, it's a pretty well-executed mouse. Whether you like the narrow fit and the large holes in the construction is very individual, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a precise and very responsive mouse. Gravastar products are typically bought for their futuristic look, so I was actually really positive about how good the performance is, especially considering it's far from the most expensive mouse on the market.

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