Grand Theft Auto VI

Grand Theft Auto VI is "well under way"

Perhaps the next installation in Rockstar's ultra popular series isn't as far off as first thought.

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The quarterly reports for April - June keep coming in and late yesterday, it was time for Take-Two to present their report. They had a lot of interesting stuff to share, like the fact that no less than 75% of their net revenue comes from "recurrent consumer spending", which is a fancier way of saying loot boxes, micro transactions and virtual currency.

Expect more games to become free-to-play or have similar strategies, as such a small piece actually comes from selling video games these days. But during the Earnings Call, Grand Theft Auto VI was also mentioned by the Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, who said:

"Development is well underway, they're (Rockstar) determined to set creative benchmarks for the series, industry and entertainment."

While this most certainly isn't a confirmation that the game will be released or even shown fairly soon, it might still be a sign that Grand Theft Auto VI isn't as far off as some rumours have claimed.

Grand Theft Auto VI

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