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World War Z

Grab Saber Interactive's World War Z for free this week

Saber Interactive is giving away copies of its zombie action game World War Z on PC this week.

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Those of you who are looking to play some zombie games this weekend can grab Saber Interactive's action game inspired by the intense film starring Brad Pitt, World War Z, on PC via Epic Games Store for zero bucks until April 2. The game also got an exciting update just recently, namely an update adding PvE and Horde Mode crossplay with Xbox (with PlayStation 4 crossplay expected at a later date), new weapon variants with unique perks, four new premium character skins (available as part of a bundle and with the season pass) as well as balance improvements.

If you're interested in grabbing a copy of the game for free, head on over to the Epic Games Store through the launcher or via this link.

If you're looking to grab the game on Xbox One instead, the game is now on sale for 75% off on the Xbox Store.

World War Z

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