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Rainbow Six: Siege

GR Live: Watch the finals of our Rainbow Six: Siege League

After months of intense competition, it's time for Round 6 of our monthly Nordic-focused Rainbow Six: Siege League. Today we'll be hosting two matches, the finals for the Division 2 followed by another final, this time between the top tier teams from Division 1, with both matches to be settled using a best-of-three format.

The 2nd Division teams are Aztecs (Sweden) and .BDB (Finland) and they'll be fighting for 600 R6 Credits. Then there's the small matter of the final, which will be decided by God Tier Gaming (Finland) and Egedal eSport (Denmark). Can Egedal make the most of their home advantage to take home 1200 R6 Credits, or will they have to settle for second and the 600 credits that come with it?

Tune in tonight to find out over on our GR Live page starting at 17 GMT / 18 CET, and watch four top teams doing what they do best in our Rainbow Six: Siege League in collaboration with Omen by HP.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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