God of War: Ascension

GoW: Ascension game director leaves studio

Todd Papy departs from Sony Santa Monica.

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Todd Papy has just announced that he has left Sony Santa Monica, and is heading to Germany to continue his career with a new employer.

Papy announced the news via Twitter, where he also confirmed that he would be moving to Germany to continue his career, although he didn't go as far as naming the studio where he'll be working in the future.

Papy, who's most recent credit was as game director for God of War: Ascension, added: "We decided to move to Germany. We want to experience a different culture & all the wonderful things that Europe has to offer."

It'll be interesting to see where the industry veteran ends up, with studios like Crytek and Deep Silver, Papy will no doubt have plenty of options ahead of him when he arrives in Europe.

God of War: Ascension

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