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GOTY: Best Ongoing Game

Here are the games that continue to impress in 2018.

  • GR StaffGR Staff

2. Fortnite / Epic Games

Fortnite starting picking up pace before 2018 rolled around, but in the last 12 months it has hit new heights, both in terms of the player base which has now grown to over 200 million, but also the content that we've received in the game. Several seasons have come and gone in this time, for example, each of which has changed the map in drastic ways and added new mechanics and features, without unbalancing the game or tainting the core format.

From biplanes in Season 7 to meteors in Season 4, Epic Games has always revamped and refreshed Fortnite's content offering to keep people coming back for more, and the game is pretty much unrecognisable from this time last year as a result. The Battle Pass is another system that keeps rewarding players for their efforts, and with in-game tournaments being added and esports growing, the momentum doesn't look like it'll be stopping soon.

1. Overwatch / Blizzard

Overwatch was a beast even before launch, but this year it has just gone from strength to strength. This year we got three heroes - Brigitte, Wrecking Ball, and Ashe - and all three pumped new life into the community, whether that be from a story perspective or just the way that people played. Ashe, for example, is very skilled mechanically, while Wrecking Ball offered something a little more... chaotic, shall we say.

The heroes aren't the only ways in which Overwatch has developed, as we've also had new maps, animated shorts to give us more of the lore, Lego sets, and perhaps most importantly the Overwatch League. This competition has been focused around inclusivity and high production values, and the first season was incredibly well received, which bodes well for the second season coming in February. The upper echelons of the esports scene are usually a tough nut to crack, but Blizzard's excellent shooter and the company's careful event planning seems to have done the job, and Overwatch is clearly here to stay for the long haul.