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GOTY: Best Ongoing Game

Here are the games that continue to impress in 2018.

  • GR StaffGR Staff

There have been a lot of great new releases in 2018, make no mistake, but it's also important to take a look at some of the games that have continued to flourish despite releasing in a different calendar year. We're talking big expansions, massive updates, and changing metas; these are the games that have continued to prove themselves this year in one way or another.

4. The Elder Scrolls Online / ZeniMax Online Studios

The Elder Scrolls Online is another one of those games that has grown and grown over the years, offering consistent updates and expansions for MMO fans to keep coming back to, and this year saw the release of major expansion Summerset. This one whisked us off to the land of the High Elves as we explored a mystery surrounding the Psijic Order, and the open borders meant we could finally explore an area not seen since Daggerfall.

Summerset isn't the only thing we were treated to this year though, as the Murkmire expansion also took us to the Argonian homeland, and the ESO Plus subscription service was introduced to give fans more rewards to claim on a regular basis, as well as exclusive benefits. There has been a lot to see this year, and with each major expansion standing alone as its own separate adventure too, it's not too intimidating for newbies to dive in either.

4. Rainbow Six: Siege / Ubisoft Montreal

At the end of 2017, there was already an established system for Rainbow Six: Siege updates, as they coincided with esports events so we'd get full reveals of quarterly content drops alongside competitive action, and this persisted into 2018. These four content drops weren't all the same though, as we got a limited-time event called Outbreak back in February on top of the usual mix of maps and Operators.

What's more is that Ubisoft has shown commitment to the health of the game by addressing existing elements. Smaller map changes called buffs, as well as full reworks, came this year too, and updates were pushed to make sure all elements were working smoothly as the game continued to grow. The meta is always changing, but with that comes an increased focus on how to keep the game balanced and fair, which is necessary considering the status it now holds as the cream of the crop for tactical shooters.

Photo: ESL

3. No Man's Sky / Hello Games

When Hello Games' No Man's Sky launched in August 2016 it received a ton of bad press, but since then the studio has kept their heads down to work on the game and improve it. This summer we got the Next update, which added a ton of features like multiplayer, enhanced base building, and graphical improvements among other things. This was just the latest in a long line of major content drops, following in the footsteps of Atlas Rises, Pathfinder, and Foundation.

This shaped No Man's Sky into something we originally expected two years ago and did an excellent job at restoring Hello's image in the public eye. With The Abyss underwater update also coming in recent months, and the developer still encouraging player feedback, it's in great shape as things stand, and the Visions update even dropped at the end of last month to throw even more content in there for fans.