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GOTY 2015: Handheld

This year we went hands-on with some cracking games.

  • Gamereactor StaffGamereactor Staff
Her Story (iOS) was an interesting and bold entertainment experience, playing out like an interactive murder case in which instead of being at the crime scene, you're scouring through police records to discover the truth. Critically acclaimed and completely story focused, it's title that may not be ideal on the go, but still deserves a mention.
Hopiko (iOS, Android) is a lightning-fast neon twitch game that puts your reactions to the test. The aim of the game is to release the Hopiko's from the antagonistic Nanobytes, and it's an exciting game to pick up quickly and bomb through the cyber-madness to achieve victory.
Fallout Shelter (iOS, Android) was a fun way of filling the gap in the months before Fallout 4 was released, developing a small community within a Vault is a fun idea and works perfectly on mobile. A great little game for the Overseer inside of you.
OlliOlli 2 (PS Vita) is another fast-paced title that has players side-scrolling (or side-skating) across a 2D environment scoring as many tricks, flips and grinds as possible without crashing out. Again, a quick fun game to pick up and play in an instant.
Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne (PS Vita) is a rogue-like bullet-hell game in which humanity has been devastated and mutants must fight to sit on the titular throne. Fast paced, explosive and radioactive, and no run is ever the same giving it plenty of replay value.
80 Days (iOS, Android) is a wonderfully written narrative title in which you follow in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg and circumnavigate the globe within 80 days, but here with a Steampunk twist. A great adventure to journey through with smart and witty writing.