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GOTY 2015: Expansion/DLC

Breathing new life into existing games, we reveal our favourite expansions from the last twelve months.

  • Gamereactor StaffGamereactor Staff

Honourable Mentions

Shovel Knight is an excellent game, and Plague of Shadows is an excellent expansion. If you've yet to sample the delights of this game and its expansion, we heartily recommend that you do so soon.
Splatoon has been regularly updated by Nintendo since launch, bringing a range of updates, features, and new modes to the colourful, child-friendly shooter, and all for free.
Heart of Thorns was a much needed update for Guild Wars 2, and although before launch there was some controversy regarding pre-orders, post-launch has been all about the quality of the new content.
Legacy of the Void saw the StarCraft II saga draw to a stunning conclusion, and on top of that Blizzard added in a selection of new units to freshen up the game's enduring competitive scene.
From Software has returned to the gothic setting of Bloodborne in The Old Hunters, the first DLC expansion that added in plenty of new enemies to fight, though perhaps there was a touch too much recycling elsewhere.
The Old Blood gets an honourable mention because it's so much fun. It isn't subtle, it's very violent, but it's also entertaining, and if you like a decent first-person shooter campaign, it's worth a look.
Mario Kart 8 got an injection of speed alongside the second DLC pack. A new sense of speed coupled with new tracks to take a spin on, ensured that the Wii U's best racer got even better.