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GOTY 2014: Remade & Remastered

Sometimes a lick of paint will work wonders.

  • Gamereactor StaffGamereactor Staff

3. Metro Redux (4A Games / Deep Silver)

Metro Redux is one of those games (or in this case, a collection of games) that was released by an opportunistic publisher looking to fill the gap left by the shortfall in quality tripleA games on the current-gen consoles. Like Sleeping Dogs which played a similar trick, Metro: Last Light (and the older Metro 2033) never quite hit top-billing, rather it was a modest success, but a decent game nonetheless.

The updated version saw a minimal improvement in the more recent Last Light, but it was the first game that received the most significant upgrade, bringing it inline with the experience of the second. Both are incredibly atmospheric, and have strong narratives (at least when compared to other similarly themed titles), and both are very entertaining. The deliberately low price point makes it worth a look, especially if you missed either of them the first time around.

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