GOTY 2014: Remade & Remastered

Sometimes a lick of paint will work wonders.

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3. Metro Redux (4A Games / Deep Silver)

Metro Redux is one of those games (or in this case, a collection of games) that was released by an opportunistic publisher looking to fill the gap left by the shortfall in quality tripleA games on the current-gen consoles. Like Sleeping Dogs which played a similar trick, Metro: Last Light (and the older Metro 2033) never quite hit top-billing, rather it was a modest success, but a decent game nonetheless.

The updated version saw a minimal improvement in the more recent Last Light, but it was the first game that received the most significant upgrade, bringing it inline with the experience of the second. Both are incredibly atmospheric, and have strong narratives (at least when compared to other similarly themed titles), and both are very entertaining. The deliberately low price point makes it worth a look, especially if you missed either of them the first time around.

GOTY 2014: Remade & Remastered

2. The Last of Us (Naught Dog / Sony)

Last year's GOTY made a return in 2014, swelling the ranks of essential games on Sony's current-gen console. It's actually pretty depressing to think that The Last of Us was the best game on PS3 in 2013 and then pulled the same trick on PS4 in 2014, but it really is that good.

Visually there was a nice step up, although it has to be said that the original was one of, if not the, best-looking game to launch on the outgoing PlayStation generation. On top of a steady framerate and a nice resolution boost up to 1080p, additional DLC was bundled in from the start, making this the definitive version of one of the greatest games ever made.

Our only frustration was the lack of a digital upgrade. There were those who bought the premium-priced digital download the first time around, and for anyone who invested so heavily, doing so again at top dollar is quite hard to recommend. That said, if you never played the original and you've got a PS4, do yourself a favour and get this game. Now.

GOTY 2014: Remade & Remastered

1. Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar / Take Two)

Last year GTAV was over-shadowed somewhat by The Last of Us, which surprised plenty of people, including ourselves. That's not to say Rockstar North was complacent or anything like that, it's just that nobody could have expected Naughty Dog's survival horror game to be so bloody excellent.

It's interesting then that one year on and both games have been remastered and rereleased, but it's the new-look Grand Theft Auto that has impressed us the most. Why so? Well, the first-person view won us over for starters. It's a real game-changer, and allows us to see the wonderful playground of Los Santos in a whole new way.

But it goes further than that. Rockstar has optimised the experience wonderfully, and in the process they've added in a whole host of little details for players to discover. This is the perfect GTA, and while it's arguable that The Last of Us is the slightly better game, Grand Theft Auto V is most definitely the superior remaster.

GOTY 2014: Remade & Remastered

Honourable Mentions

GOTY 2014: Remade & Remastered
TowerFall Ascension originally launched as TowerFall on Ouya, but was repackaged and improved for PS4 and PC in 2014. The single-player mode's a welcome addition, although unnecessary. However, it's the multiplayer that makes this one an essential party game.
GOTY 2014: Remade & Remastered
Halo: The Master Chief Collection was, from one perspective, the best remake of the year. Halos 1 - 4 updated and upgraded for Xbox One, a huge amount of replay value and some great single-player and co-op content. But, the collection shipped with a horribly broken multiplayer component, which soured the experience.
GOTY 2014: Remade & Remastered
Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire sees Nintendo's franchise up to date and fully-stocked on their current handheld. For Pokéfans it's a boon, if you want to catch them all in place, well now you can.
GOTY 2014: Remade & Remastered
Tomb Raider was the first of the big games to get remastered and rereleased on new-gen consoles. Lara's origins story was warmly received when it first launched, and the updated version is a great prospect if you've not played it yet.
GOTY 2014: Remade & Remastered
Another remake, but this time for Wii U, with Bayonetta coming as part of the package that saw the superlative Bayonetta 2 release as a console-exclusive on Nintendo's platform.

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