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GOTY 2014: Handheld

Size isn't everything.

  • Gamereactor StaffGamereactor Staff

3. TxK (Llamasoft)

Jeff Minter and Llamasoft's lifelong quest to perfect the concept from Tempest came a little closer to its ultimate goal as the addictive, pulsating handheld gem TxK saw release on PS Vita early in the year. There is something appealing in that. This being the fourth time Llamasoft take on Dave Theurer's classic concept, adding small improvements and refinements while remaining true to the original experience.

Much can be said of the music, and paired with the psychedelic visuals it puts the player in what can be described as a trance (or gaming zen if you will) where all that matters is your crab, making your shots and timing that superzapper perfectly.

The game is a great fit on PS Vita as it offers precise controls and it looks sharp on the crisp screen of Sony's handheld. It's the kind of game you may think you're going to spend a few minutes with before you go to bed, but you end up spending an hour on without really knowing where the time went.

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