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GOTY 2014: Digital

You can't buy everything on the High Street.

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3. Trials Fusion (Red Lynx / Ubisoft)

Red Lynx keeps making Trials games, and we keep lapping them up (with the exception of Trials Frontier, which we'd rather forget). Fusion is no different, and we've spent hours and hours playing the latest offering from the Finnish studio.

This latest entry adds a few new features to the mix, and their introduction is largely seamless. Now there's a variety of skill moves that have been added, allowing for greater showboating. However, it's still very much the lure of chasing high scores that's the major draw here, and once again the series doesn't disappoint. We played primarily on PS4, and the relatively low count of games meant that plenty of people picked up the game and that there was always a friend's time to beat.

It's here - chasing down the best times set by your friends and completing flawless runs through the different courses - that Trials stands apart from the crowd. This is the third core release in the series, and for us it's the best. The formula might be starting to wear just a tiny bit now, but that doesn't stop Trials Fusion being a hugely addictive game and one of our favourites of the year.

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