Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights TV Show Gets a New Teaser

The show also gets a new release date after it didn't drop in 2022.

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The TV show spin-off for Gotham Knights has just dropped a new teaser trailer, giving us a new look at the series and letting us know when it will be released. While it was initially meant to release near enough alongside the game, the Gotham Knights TV show will appear on the CW on the 14th of March, 2023.

There were rumours last year that the show had been cancelled, along with numerous other DC projects. However, it seems that the series will still go ahead, though how successful it will be is unknown, especially if it follows the pattern set by the video game release.

Like the game, Gotham Knights the show follows a Gotham after the death of Batman. Not much more beyond that is revealed in the teaser, apart from the fact that our heroes do not seem to be sporting their traditional costumes, nor are they considered heroes by the city at large.

It seems the protagonists will be hunted by the authorities in Gotham Knights, which will likely lead to them needing to prove themselves by bringing down one of the city's villains.


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