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Gory love planned for Gears 5 on Valentine's Day

The Gears team is preparing a bromantic, head popping celebration of love for the 14th.

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Almost nothing makes it feel like there's love in the air more than making 25 meaty heads explode with a Torque Bow. And therefore that is exactly what The Coalition has planned for Valentine's Day, together with a whole lot more.

They are bringing Cupid's Torque Bow Tag back for Valentine's Day, and they are promising "faster detonations with a whole lotta extra boom". If you manage to get those lovely 25 Torque Kills, you will be awarded with the Maria Weapon Skin Loadout, which you can see an image of below. You will also get the Valentine's Day Blood Spray and Banner just by logging in on February 14.

And finally, to make things even better, during the whole of Valentine's day weekend, there will also be a Free Boost Weekend to speed up the XP gathering. Love is chainsaws and Locust!

Gears 5

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