Gorogoa explores its own "corner of the game design landscape"

We spoke to developer Jason Roberts at Gamelab.

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Gorogoa is a rather unique puzzle game that introduces a lot of interesting concepts, and when we spoke to developer Jason Roberts at Gamelab in Barcelona, we asked about what he'd been talking about at the event, and here's what he had to say regarding producing the game himself:

"When I was trying to make the game everything felt like a struggle because of design decisions I made early on, how I was going to do the artwork, the way the player interacts with the game, that it just seemed like a struggle and seemed like the kind of projects that other developers describe seemed cleaner and more modular and more efficient."

"It felt like an awkward process making the game, so I had to sort of look in the mirror and try and understand if I was on the wrong path or not, but what I realised is the reason I'm making the game feel awkward is not because I was doing things wrong, it's because I exploring a corner of the game design landscape where the terrain is very strange and uneven, so just moving through that space is gonna be awkward, and you're gonna feel awkward. But that's also the same reason why the game feels different, because I'm going into this area that is hard to... each puzzle is a new challenge and it's very difficult to produce something, but that makes the game more interesting, that makes everything that happens in the game feel more magical, because it seems improbable. Hopefully you can tell that it was difficult to execute."

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