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Teslagrad 2
Featured: Gamescom 2022 Coverage

Gorgeous metroidvania Teslagrad 2 unveils trailer featuring protagonist Lumina

Almost 10 years after the release of the first game, Rain Games presents the sequel with a new heroine, new puzzles and new enemies.

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Rain Games and publisher Modus Games has unveiled their new project, the long-awaited sequel to Teslagrad: Teslagrad 2, at Gamescom 2022. It is a 2D metroidvania with hand-drawn graphics based on Scandinavian mythology and folklore.

In the development announcement, the first gameplay trailer, which you can see below, introduces the game's new protagonist, Lumina. The young girl will use her newfound powers of Teslamancy to navigate the environment and solve physics-based puzzles, as well as dodge the traps and enemies that come her way.

Peter Wingaard Meldahl, project lead at Rain Games, commented:

"I've been dreaming of making Teslagrad 2 for years. The story, gameplay and mechanics have been brewing in my head since we released the original and to see this dream come to fruition is a truly awesome feeling."

We had the chance to interview Rain Games about this exciting project during Gamescom, so we'll be able to bring you updates on this metroidvania that promises to break new ground in the genre very soon.

Teslagrad 2

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