Google's Pixel Watch 2 is ideal for the active user

The smartwatch features various elements all framed around fitness and health.

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One of the biggest uses for smartwatches seems to relate to fitness and health. The latest devices feature sensors and systems that can track heart rate, skin temperature, stress levels, sleep habits, and much more, and Google is thoroughly leaning into the fitness theme for its Pixel Watch 2.

This device features additional sensors to keep more accurate tabs on your heart rate and other body measurements, and even includes built-in systems to help you manage and track stress. The watch even comes with real-time fitness support, allowing you to improve and refine your workouts to reach a training goal.

To see if this is the smartwatch for you, be sure to check out the latest Quick Look below, where our very own Magnus shares a ton of thoughts and feedback about the Google Pixel Watch 2 below.


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