Google's new AI searches have some hilarious results

According to Google's AI, you should murder people and cockroaches should live inside you.

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Google has introduced a new way of integrating AI into its search system, giving you an AI overview of whatever you search into the bar. In some cases, it can be a helpful summary of the information you're requesting, but we've also seen plenty of unexpected responses on the internet.

Plenty of Twitter/X posts have been dedicated to the AI overview and the results it can create. One tells us that we should have cockroaches living inside penises, while another suggests that you should kill people to get rid of your homicidal thoughts.

You can get rid of the AI overview if you don't want that sort of information thrown at you by reconfiguring some of your browser's default search options, but if you're happy to get random and insane suggestions thrown at you, you don't need to fiddle with anything.

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Google's new AI searches have some hilarious results

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