Google reportedly stepping up plans to move into gaming

Including new hardware and streaming.

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We don't usually associate Google with video games, but recently Kotaku has reported that the company is planning to move into the space with an approach that can be split into three areas: a streaming platform, hardware, and getting game developers together at Google, at least according to five alleged sources who have heard these plans.

The sources add that at GDC (Game Developers Conference) in March, Google met with game companies to talk about plans for the streaming platform and gauge interest, with the platform allegedly codenamed Yeti. They then apparently hosted meetings at E3 as well, with the plans being to buy entire development studios.

Yeti would reportedly use computers elsewhere to render graphics, much like GeForce Now from Nvidia, and one example that's been used to describe the technology is: "Imagine playing The Witcher 3 within a tab on Google Chrome." There's even an idea to integrate this with YouTube, so with a simple button push you can activate an overlay for a walkthrough.

Rumours around the hardware suggest it will link to the streaming platform, and evidence elsewhere points to these ideas being pretty series, like the hiring of video game executive Phil Harrison earlier this year, as well as other staff from EA, PlayStation, and more.

Are you curious to see if Google really are moving into the gaming space?

Google reportedly stepping up plans to move into gaming

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