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Google donates 100,000 unlimited mobile hotspots to students

Google is offering students in California hardware and unlimited wifi hotspots to help them study during the fight against the coronavirus.

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As the Coronavirus has hit America hard, and with little preparation despite dire situations in many European countries, Google has decided to help students in California to stay at home and study.

This is done via a donation of 4000 Chromebooks, and the funding of 100.000 wifi hotpots placed in rural areas, with unlimited bandwidth.

This was announced by governor Gavin Newcom
who was happy to state that this would go on for at least three months.

This is a great start, but having some 20% of students being without usable internet coverage, the Governor's office estimates that another 162.000 hotspots need to be created.

This comes as former Governor, The Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger spent $1.000.000 of his own money on masks and protective gear, as the current Californian government recently removed all funding from a pandemic response program established by The Governator back in 2006, and former Californian Governor Jerry Brown defunded another Schwarnegger's program, the mobile hospital response program in 2011.

Let's hope that California, with the help of Google, can avoid further criticism from Schwarzenegger, who seems to try to change the American perspective on health care for the general population.

Google donates 100,000 unlimited mobile hotspots to students

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