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Golf Story

Golf Story is a nod to Camelot's Mario Golf for GBA

Releases in a matter of weeks for the Nintendo Switch.

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Sidebar Games' Golf Story was previously announced with a "summer 2017" release window for Nintendo Switch, and among the avalanche of Nindies announcementslast night, it got that release window tightened: it'll launch in September.

Even though little is known about the imminent release, it's getting some fan following on social channels, given its fresh approach. It's an adventure based on golf mechanics and with a 16-bit sprites, top-down view visual style. With both elements together, it's clearly reminiscent of the good old Mario Golf: Advance Tour by Camelot, which offered an RPG mode to go along with the traditional sport.

Several environments and golf variants, added to really weird situation, comprise Golf Story's full offering. Here's the trailer:

Golf Story
Golf StoryGolf Story

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