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Goldeneye 007

GoldenEye announces Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass release date

The latest addition to the Nintendo 64 catalogue in NSO + Expansion Pack and Game PPass is Rare's long-awaited port to the hybrid, and it arrives in just two days.

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Almost every week since its announcement at last year's Nintendo Direct we've been asking, "When is GoldenEye coming out on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack and Game Pass?". Well, the wait is now over. Or almost, because the classic Goldeneye is coming to the subscription service on January 27th. That's right, in just two days.

There were some rumours that it would indeed be one of these days when we would see what is arguably the most fondly remembered and loved James Bond adventure in video games. And while this version brings all the charm of the 1997 original, this Nintendo Switch version (and also Xbox version) will be perfect, as it incorporates online (formerly split-screen) multiplayer.

Will you be enjoying GoldenEye the day after tomorrow when it hits Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox Game Pass? We can already tell you that you will, without a doubt.

Goldeneye 007

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