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League of Legends

Golden Guardians signs Keith from Cloud9, swaps Deftly

Keith will play on the Academy Team for the rest of the summer, while Deftly heads to Cloud9 himself.

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) team Golden Guardians have announced that they've signed Yuri 'Keith' Jew from Cloud9, with Matthew 'Deftly' Chen being swapped to Cloud9 as part of the deal. Keith will now play the rest of the Summer Split on the Academy team.

Keith has played for Echo Fox, CLG Black, TSM, Liquid, and more during his career, and impressed during the Spring Split playoff, so he has a lot of experience to bring to Golden Guardians. Deftly also has his fair share of experience with Golden Guardians and other teams.

Is this a good deal for both sides?

League of Legends
Photo: Golden Guardians

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