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Golden Guardians show their League of Legends academy team

The league starts on January 18.

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The North American League of Legends team Golden Guardians have secured a spot in the Championship Series' Spring Split, and now the team has taken to Twitter to reveal its full academy roster, which includes Alex 'Xpecial' Chu; Thomas 'Jenkins' Tran; Nicholas 'Potluck' Pollock; Qin 'Bobqin' Bo-Yuan; and Clarence 'Jurassiq' Mabansag.

All of the teams in the NA LCS will field academy teams for the Academy League, starting on January 18, and Golden Guardians are one of the last teams to show their hand, with Team Liquid just behind them. How well do you think this team can do, and do you think the Academy League will be entertaining?

League of Legends
Photo: Golden Guardians

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