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Golden Guardians recruit first general manager

They also have a new coach, Inero.

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North American League of Legends team The Golden Guardians have revealed that they have signed Danan Flander as the team's first general manager, while Nick 'Inero' Smith comes on board as head coach.

"We're excited to begin building our team for next season, starting with the hiring of these two proven esports professionals," said Hunter Leigh, head of esports for GSW Esports, LLC. "We are confident that the leadership and guidance of Danan will be a game-changer for our culture, starting with the addition of Inero as our head coach."

Flander will oversee the coaching and support staff as well as roster moves, contracts, and performance, mirroring the role of a general manager for traditional sports teams too. He has been senior general manager for Cloud9 as well, so he has a lot of experience in the field.

"With the 2019 competitive season on the horizon, I'm thrilled to be named the first-ever general manager for the Golden Guardians," Flander said. "The resources and perspective that the Golden State Warriors provide their esports initiatives are second to none, and I'm excited to capitalize on the relationship we're afforded by working alongside their traditional sports divisions. Along with this, I aim to be a driving force for change in the League of Legends competitive scene and GGS is providing me the tools and autonomy to make waves from day one."

Inero has been head coach of Echo Fox's NA League of Legends Championship Series too, as well as Tainted Minds, Dream Team, and more, so he's not lacking in experience either.

Can The Golden Guardians do well with these two on board?

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