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Golden Guardians' Academy roster includes Darshan

Huhi and FBI are joining the team as well, with Hard and Palafox reclaiming their spots on the roster after the spring split.

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The Golden Guardians League of Legends team has revealed some new additions to their Academy roster and coaching staff for the summer split, all of which is pending Riot approval.

Victor 'FBI' Huang will be playing in the AD Carry role - although while travel documents are being finalised Matthew 'Deftly' Chen will play for the LCS and Academy sides - with former CLG star Darshan 'Darshan' Upadhyaya also coming in at the top lane. In the support role, however, we also have Jae-Hyun 'Huhi' Choi.

Anthony 'Hard' Barkhovtsev and Cristian 'Palafox' Palafox are returning to round out the team, and Jimmy Harrison will start his first full split as head coach after taking over those duties in Week 2 of the spring split. Nick 'Inero' Smith, however, is now the LCS assistant coach.

Speaking of the LCS team (League of Legends Championship Series), Nicholas 'Potluck' Polluck is now rejoining the team as a two-way player coach.

Is the Academy team looking good?

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Photo: Golden Guardians

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