Going free-to-play has saved Evolve

An average of 15,000 players are now playing it at any given time on Steam.

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Thanks to switching over to a free-to-play model and tweaking some of the gameplay interest for Evolve is once again on the rise amongst the PC community (the Stage 2 beta is only available on PC). According to Engadget and words by new lead designer at Turtle Rock Brandon Yanez, the game went from barely 100 users to an average of 15,400 players on Steam last month, since the new model was introduced.

Steep learning curve, accessibility, DLC policy, an all too specific role focus and all in all fun factor despite the fresh, unique concept of this 4v1 team shooter, were among the reasons for the game did not really taking off. With this in mind, developers have not just launched a F2P version, but are also working to get a much more direct experience while trying to hang on to the positives and depth that first attracted players.

According to the source, more than 1 million people have tried the new beta and the game had 25,000 concurrent players right after launch. Let's see how this evolves in the following months and if Evolve has found a new lease on life.


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