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GOG offering Armello refunds after missing out on DLC

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League of Geeks' strategy RPG Armello recently had a DLC released for it but the DRM-free version on GOG did not get it, and won't in the future. In response GOG has announced it is offering refunds to those who want one.

"Due to changes to the version of Armello," the announcement reads, "and the fact that some online functionalities and future content for the game will not be available on, we want to make sure all prior owners have a choice [...] If you feel that the current version of Armello is not something you wished for back when you bought the game—please contact our support team for a refund."

Director Trent Kusters posted on the Steam forums that the DLC process is not as easy as people think it is, maybe shedding some light on why GOG doesn't have it.

"Just because another studio or game has DLC on DRM Free, doesn't mean it's immediately a possibility for us or Armello. Assuming as much is incredibly naive. Every team's processes, resources, and games are innumerably different," he said. "Almost every single piece of conjecture about ways we could have or should roll out our DLC on DRM Free have either been wildly off course or avenues we've already investigated."


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