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GOG Galaxy now lets you hide games in your Library

A whole load of fixes have been implemented too, not to mention new features on the platform.

GOG Galaxy has just received it's 2.0.3 update, and in the patch notes we can find some of the headline features, including a tutorial on how Bookmarks work and a context menu in the sidebar with an option to reorder Bookmarks.

There's a tutorial screen for Friends Recommendations too, and an issue has been fixed where this feature wouldn't display original platform name. The biggest changes are to the Library though, which are as follows:

  • Added ability to hide games in Library

  • Added platform icon to tooltips for Library (grid view)

  • Added mechanics allowing to record Last Played time for games without Game Time Tracking

  • Fixed not updating Steam games' activity when they have at least 20h of game time

  • Release of the games which were on preorder before, will be noticed by GOG GALAXY 2.0 immediately

  • Context menu will no longer stay open after leaving Library

  • Tags will no longer stay in context menu for games after last game using this tag has been removed

  • Fixed falsely displaying "Not Compatible" over Install button for some platforms

Platform icons have been added to recently played by me game tiles as well, and for a full list of fixes and known issues of GOG Galaxy 2.0, head this way.

Speaking of GOG, a third of the PC pre-orders for Cyberpunk 2077 are on CD Projekt's GOG platform.

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