Go-Go Town!

Go-Go Town! announces the start of early access on June 18

From the creators of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles comes this cozy city builder and life sim.

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Go-Go Town!, an adorable city-building life sim, has reappeared at the PC Gaming Show to bring us some long-awaited news. The new title from Prideful Sloth (creators of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles) is a cosy city management and life simulator where you can (alone or with friends in local or online multiplayer) feel like the real mayor of your town and shape it to your heart's content.

And not just manage it. Because we will have to rebuild it almost from the ground up by collecting materials, getting plans and paving the way. A complete sandbox experience.

Go-Go Town! starts early access on 18 June and you can get it on Steam for 24.99 euros, and you can try it out beforehand at no extra cost as part of the Steam Next Fest. They've also shared this year's content roadmap, which you can see below.

Go-Go Town!

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