Sea of Thieves

Glowing spectres conquer the Sea of Thieves in new update

Unless you battle them together with pirate friends on Haunted Shores, that's it.

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Haunted Shores is the name of the monthly update coming to Sea of Thieves, which is now available to download on Xbox One, Windows Store, and Steam. Other than cosmetic items and quality of life improvements, this update offers completely new PvE encounters, so it's much more of a game-changer right when the game's popularity has just peaked thanks to its cross-platform play and its recent release on Valve's platform.

It's worth noting that the new haunted ships, coming from the Sea of the Damned after being summoned by Captain Flameheart, have nothing to do with your typical (albeit spooky) ghost ship encounters so far. These new ships are ghosty like, for real, just like the Ferry of the Damned you're so used to visiting. They're glowing spectre-like entities that can attack in groups and land special phantom cannonballs, therefore they're way more challenging than before. In this World Event, those who survive in the sea of the living will finally face Flameheart himself and his Burning Blade flagship.

The update comes as usual with more items, emotes, live events, bug fixes and even a bunch of selectable shanties for drunk pirate musicians.

Are you among those many who just set sail or are you currently revisiting the Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves

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