Dead Space

Glen Schofield would "love to do a sequel" to Dead Space

The creator of the original spoke in an interview about what he'd do with a sequel, as well as his desire to explore "dark sci-fi" and new alien types.

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Dead Space is a series that fans have been asking to return for a while, as we've not seen a whole lot of the horror franchise since Dead Space 3 in 2013, and with Visceral Games since being closed by EA and creator Glen Schofield moving onto new ventures, it doesn't look all that likely.

That said, Game Informer recently spoke to Schofield, and when asked about what he'd like to make a new game of with regards to his previous work, he said that would be Dead Space for sure, although if he were to make a new game he'd separate it from the story we've already seen in the original trilogy.

"Of course it would be Dead Space," he said. "I'd love to do a sequel some day."

When asked about whether it would work in the current gaming space, he suggested multiplayer might be an option if it worked within the story, but also added the "story modes don't have to be one-player, and I think that's sort of a key these days."

Later on Schofield was asked about whether a sequel would be greenlit by EA if it was purely single-player, to which he said:

"I don't know. Everybody seems to be saying the single-player story mode is dying, and then we have some giant hits that come out that are still story-based. So I don't think they're dying. I think they have their place now, and they can still make a lot of money. You don't have to put $300 million dollars into some of these games, you know."

Schofield later added that he'd love to make some "darker sci-fi" games, exploring different options for aliens that aren't just four-legged or two-legged creatures.

What would you want from a potential Dead Space 4?

Dead Space

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