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Gizmo is about to join MultiVersus

The protagonist of the Gremlins franchise is about to make a comeback...

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Update: Player First Games has revealed that Gizmo and Stripe will be separate fighters.

Original: The very cute little Gizmo, also called Mogwai, from the Gremlins series has been gone for far too long, but fortunately, he is now about to make a double comeback. Not only is he getting an animated series called Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai on HBO Max next year, he is also about to join the fight in MultiVersus.

This was revealed in a teaser from the game's official Twitter account, where we can see Gizmo's hand pop out of a little box. We already knew that his arch nemesis Stripe would be added to MultiVersus as well, so it remains to be seen if Gizmo is a separate character or if he and Stripe are variants of the same character (something that isn't uncommon in fighting games).

The tweet says we will get the "fluffy surprise" on Tuesday, but if this means we're getting the formal announcement or if Gizmo is actually added is currently unknown.


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