Giraffe picks up toddler at safari park

The animals are rising up and they like the taste of human meat.

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Usually, the monkeys are the most dangerous thing you'll see at a safari, if only because they'll rip apart pieces of your car without mercy, and considering very few car insurers will offer monkey coverage, that damage is coming out of your pocket.

One family in Texas recently found out it wasn't the monkeys that were the most dangerous animal around, as instead the noble giraffe proved itself the true apex predator when it grabbed hold of a toddler's arm and lifted it into the air.


Luckily, the mother was on hand to grab the child quickly, and the giraffe didn't seem too interested in the toddler after that. Turns out even the most unassuming of animals can decide one day they want a taste of human flesh.

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Giraffe picks up toddler at safari park

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