Ginebra arrives to Raiders of the Broken Planet

She's available now for Founders Pack owners.

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Mercury Steam has unveiled a new character for those who own the Founders Pack for Raiders of the Broken Planet, and this new warrior goes by the name of Genebra, who "became infamous in the Fifth Council by hunting down Konstantin and other rogue members of their faction, rediscovering part of her long lost human core in the process," as explained by the press release.

If you have the Founders Pack you can use her right now, while those who have the Prologue or Alien Myths can use her from November 9. She comes into the fight with a Sturzenegger Bogen C-A00 crossbow with deadly transmission bolts, but she also has an armour-plated Sabretooth model chassis, where her speed is dramatically increased and she can run up walls.

"Taking out "stray" Fifth Council units was Ginebra's mission for decades. On a fateful day, Ginebra was assigned the Konstantin unit as her next target. Upon their meeting, Konstantin refused to engage her, resisting the Hunter's punishment before falling and distracting Ginebra just long enough to allow the small group of locals he was protecting to escape. Konstantin's noble sacrifice awoke something long forgotten within Ginebra's human core, and now she's counted among the defector's ranks she was previously charged to purge," the press release adds.

A new trailer and some screenshots can be seen down below if you're interested. Is she looking like a promising fighter?


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