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GigaBash has "no lack of influence from where it can reference"

We spoke with Vie Eik Thong, an animator at Passion Republic about their upcoming title, GigaBash.

We were recently at the Tokyo Game Show, taking a look at some of the most interesting titles the event is bringing, one of such is GigaBash, an indie title developed by Passion Republic. We spoke with Vie Eik Thong, animator on the title, talking about the current characters and even about the inspiration behind GigaBash.

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"So far, we have four, but we are planning to release with ten" said Thong. "If possible, we want to go with twelve characters in total. There's no lack of influence from where we can reference, for example right now we have a giant robot character, we have a giant ape-like melee centric character, we have an alien looking projectile character and we have a very cutesy looking furball character."

"We've tried to diversify all of our designs as much as possible because one thing everyone has in common is, we grew up with giant monsters or robots, one way or another, which is what we are trying to capture here."

"Rampage is one of our influences, there's also a lot of other games. Like I said, there is no lack of influence. Rampage is kind of like our predecessor I would say. This is kind of also like, what if Rampage was in 3D and in this generation."

GigaBash is scheduled to release in late 2020 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Will you be playing GigaBash when it launches next year?


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