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League of Legends

Giants won LoL ESL Masters as (many) expected

Amadeu "Minitroupax" Carvalho: "dunno who was the fool who thought we wouldn't make it?"

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The last League of Legends ESL Masters was held at the end of last month in Málaga, Spain, clearly leaving one team above all others. Giants Only the Brave became the new winners, taking the title from former champions Thunder X3 Baskonia in a final round that showed how the new champions ended up dominating the tournament.

It was a weekend full of exciting matches and even some surprises by teams such as eMonkeyz. Baskonia, who had beaten Giants in previous encounters during the event, looked like the safest bet for the finals, but the later rounds and the improving performances of Giants, who always prove their ability when playing locally, sealed the impressive comeback.

Despite some losses, Giants were the favourites for the tournament. They were playing at home, and kept growing as matches were finishing and rivals kept falling. Their penultimate encounter was versus Movistar Riders, a team which recently signed some new blood to refresh its style and strategy. And the last one, versus Baskonian -who had sent them to the losers group the day before - was when Giants showed off their true potential, strangling their opponents right from the start.

League of Legends

We witnessed steals, intense team-fights and, mostly, the figure of MVP Amadeu "Minitroupax" Carvalho scoring some unbelievable numbers during the two matches that decided the final. The last round was shorter than expected, finishing 2-0 after a surprise surrender by a Baskonia team that just couldn't take it anymore. The local team from Málaga proved that weekend that what they did in the Challenger Series wasn't a matter of luck; when they come together, they can be devastating.

Speaking to Gamereactor, MVP Minitroupax said that "the team is fine, it's something we were looking forward to. I don't know who was the fool who thought we wouldn't make it [...] The moral strength of the team was quite high," he continued, "and brought us a pretty foreseeable result".

The new ESL Masters champions now look forward to the Challenger Series and their potential promotion to LCS at the imminent Promotion Tournament.

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