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Giant kites could soon be used to pull cargo ships across the ocean

We could soon have the winds back in our sails.

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Soon, we could see giant kites used to pull cargo ships across their routes, in a bid to slash carbon emissions from these massive vessels.

While this may sound like a grand return to the age of huge ships being pulled by nothing more than the wind in their giant white sails, French company Airseas has made a kite that fits the 21st century.

It is launched via a foldable mast, which can retrieve the kite when it is not needed. It is also controlled by an autopilot software, meaning it'll catch the best winds to pull the ship further along.

Airseas CEO Vincent Bernatets told CNN that "what differentiates it from other wind solutions is that the wing is not just pulled by the wind and countered by the ship." It instead flies in loops that multiply the pulling effect.

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What do you think? Should we be equipping our boats with wind sails again?

Giant kites could soon be used to pull cargo ships across the ocean

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