Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo seems to be unofficially confirmed for Xbox

Bethesda's London office has a big wall decoration revealing that the game is coming for Series S/X.

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Ghostwire Tokyo was one of two special cases when Microsoft bought Bethesda last year, as Sony already had made console exclusive deals. This led to the game being launched for PC and PlayStation 5 back in March, but not Xbox, despite the fact that Microsoft owned both the developer and publisher as well as the franchise.

Most people probably assumed it would be released for Xbox after a year when the timed-exclusive deal has expired (this happened with Deathloop, which was the second special case, earlier this fall), although Microsoft couldn't talk about it, and technically still can't as Sony has an exclusive deal in place. But it seems like an Xbox version is now all but confirmed, as Bethesda Softworks has a new international publishing headquarters in London, which suspiciously has Ghostwire Tokyo material on the wall - listed for Xbox Series S/X.

This was noted by the German Xbox insider Klobrille, who showed the photo from Bethesda London's official homepage, which now seems to have been removed. As Tango Gameworks is a Bethesda owned studio, with Bethesda being the publisher, we doubt this was printed on the walls by mistake and it's a very safe bet to assume that Ghostwire Tokyo will be released for Xbox Series S/X in March 2023 and that it will be included with Game Pass.

Ghostwire Tokyo

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