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Ghostrunner's Project_Hel DLC is coming in January

It'll put players in the shoes of the base game boss, Hel, as she descends Dharma Tower.

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505 Games and developer One More Level has announced that the DLC for Ghostrunner, Project_Hel, will officially be launching on January 27, bringing a new playable character with an all-new campaign for players to experience.

Set to revolve around Hel, one of the base game's bosses, this expansion will see players using the tankier, combat-oriented character as she descends Dharma Tower in a brand new questline. Similar to the Ghostrunner, Hel can perform a variety of parkour movements and has her own set of ability progression systems, but will differ slightly as she can take an extra hit of damage before having to reset.

As for how the DLC will play, we're told in a press release that the campaign will feature new enemies, bosses, and six new music tracks created by the electronic artist Daniel Deluxe.

Project_Hel will be available for £12.49 on all platforms that Ghostrunner is available on come release on January 27, 2022.


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