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Ghostrunner throws you into a brutal cyberpunk dystopia

All In! Games and One More Level are bringing the game to PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and we have a new trailer as well.

All In! Games and One More Level have celebrated Gamescom in Cologne with the reveal of a brand new game called Ghostrunner, coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One and throwing you into a dystopian world where a cataclysm has almost wiped out humankind.

Much like cyberpunk cities we've seen in the past, this is torn apart by "violence, poverty, and chaos", as the official description reads, and people are being modified by implants as well. You play as a cyber-warrior in this world, able to fight in cyberspace and the real world, and you'll need to ascend the tower using the environment to your advantage.

Your melee weapon will be very useful in the game, and you can avoid bullets using your special abilities. Those at Gamescom can try this out at Hall 10.1 as well, which is where All In! Games' booth is located at E052, or check it out in the trailer below.

Does this look intriguing?

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